Dear Dr. Seltzer, I wish to express my appreciation for the dental device which has dramatically diminished my problem with sleep apnea. I woke with vision and vigor and my quality of life has substantially improved. I unconditionally endorse this device and the dentist who treated me.

Dear Dr. Rein, this has worked better than any surgery he had. He can sleep on his back again and breathe. Before this, he stopped breathing on his back.

Dear Dr. Seltzer, I just wanted to thank you for giving me back the ability to sleep well again. The oral device you made for me is truly remarkable. I live in Maryland and researched alternative treatments for my sleep apnea and snoring. I was told that I could only be treated with surgery or a CPAP. I was fearful to try surgery and the CPAP never was comfortable. One day I was speaking to my uncle, who lives on Long Island, about my problem. He told me he had read in Newsday, the Long Island newspaper, that you were having success using oral appliances for this problem. I could not find anyone near my home who knew about oral appliances. Well, several phone calls and trips to Long Island later, I am writing this to thank you and to help you get the word out about this great treatment option.

Dear Dr. Rein, for years, I’ve struggled with the CPAP mask in an attempt to help my sleep apnea. I never was able to get a good night’s sleep. Then I tried the “Pillar Surgery” which also was a disappointment since it did nothing to help me. From the first night I started wearing the oral appliance, I started sleeping well.

Dear Dr. Seltzer, I would like to thank you for the excellent care you provided. When I came to your office I could not sleep. Several times during the night I would wake up startled because I needed air. My husband was very worried about me. I walked around tired all the time. I tried the CPAP machine but I could not tolerate the contraption. I was desperate by the time I came to you. I did not think a dental appliance would do the trick. I was so wrong. The results were outstanding. It was so easy to get used to it. I think that by the second night the appliance and I were best friends! THIS APPLIANCE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I sleep well and my husband said I don’t snore or stop breathing. Thank you for making this possible and please feel free to use my name with anyone who is hesitant to try this option.